Strong picket at John Gulson as Labour Councillor attacks strike

Strong picket at John Gulson as Labour Councillor attacks strike

There was a lively picket line today at John Gulson Primary School in Coventry as members of the NUT and NASUWT took strike action against a new appraisals policy and excessive supervision.

Members of NUT and NASUWT on the picket line

Members of NUT and NASUWT on the picket line

There will be another day of strike action tomorrow and then more action next week unless the employer enters meaningful negotiations.

The action was attacked by Labour Councillor David Kershaw, Cabinet Member for Education. Quoted on the Coventry Telegraph website  he said  he was

‘“deeply troubled” by the strike. He added: “We realise that there is more to do which is the reason why we cannot begin to accept that young people are going to miss a day of their education because of a strike and why we fully support the school as it tries to mitigate the effect of this continued strike action.”’ 

Jane Nellist, joint divisional secretary of the NUT, also quoted on the Coventry Telegrah website replied

“We want a fair appraisal system, which will be in the best interests of the school, the teachers and most importantly the pupils.

“We warned the local authority last year that their version of an appraisal policy, which they have pushed schools into accepting, would cause problems.

“If councillor Kershaw is so concerned about the impact of our strike action on young people at John Gulson School he should intervene and ensure that proper negotiations to achieve a fair appraisal policy are held immediately.”

It is disgraceful that Labour are attacking the actions of trade unionists who are trying to defend educational standards for young people in our city.

Members of the Socialist Party visited the picket line to show support, including Dave Nellist. Please continue to send messages of support to the NUT, details below

To the school NUT rep Stuart Steer

Coventry NUT


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