A Unison steward from Whitley Depot calls for rejection of pay offer

A Unison steward from Whitley Depot calls for rejection of the 1 per cent pay offer


Pickets at the Depot from N30, 2011

Why should we reject the pay offer? I feel it is an insult to council workers and the working class people of this country. In reality this is not a pay rise as we have had many years of a pay freeze. This so called pay rise would increase my wages by about £200 per year, before tax. After having our wages frozen, all they want to offer us is 1 per cent? In the current times where politicians are voting themselves a pay increase this is ridiculous. With the state of the economy families are losing their homes and visiting food banks to survive.

The government and the bankers have caused this mess but it’s the working people of this country that have to pay the price for their mess. The city council have has already refused to pay us our £250 one off payment that we should have had (and they budgeted for this so where has it gone?)

This latest pay offer is a complete and utter joke. If the Unison national leadership believes this is the best deal they have gotten for its members then maybe they should look in the mirror and ask themselves how they could attempt to sell us short again. This is not the first time the national union have attempted to sell us short.

When it comes to vote for the Unison general secretary position, its time that every member and activist takes a stand and votes for someone that will do what is right for the members and not be in the back pocket of the Labour Party like Dave Prentis is.

Vote to reject the offer!

Written by a Unison steward


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